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100 stock icons

100 stock icons in 3 months, are you ready ??

100 stock icons challenge
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100 stock icons in 3 months. Are you ready?
.100 stock icons challenge.
Welcome to 100stockicons. A stock icon challenge inspired on communities like lost_108icons, icons100, and tvcharacters100.
A community for stock icon lovers who want to make lots of icons! :) Read the rules before you participate, please!

-->How can I participate?
* Join the community, you must be a member to participate.

* Go to the Claims post and choose a subject. [Only 5 persons can have the same subject at the same time] If it's already taken, you can go to the Waiting list and add a comment there.

* When posting the claim you want, write "I'm a stocker" on the subject, so we will know that you read the rules :)

* Once we have accepted your claim we will give you posting access.

--> Rules.

* From the day we approve the claim you have 15 days to make [at least] 10 icons, and posting them. If you don't do this, you will lose your claim (in case someone's waiting for it).

* They must be new icons.

* You can post as many batches as you want, as long as they've got at least 6 icons.

* You must use the 70 themes listed below. This doesn't mean you have to put those words in them if you don't want.

* 3 months. That's all the time you've got to complete the 100 icons. If you need an extension, just ask for it. :)

--> Rules for posting the icons.

* When posting the icons, put them behind an LJ-cut/fake cut to your journal/community. You only can put three of them as teasers.

* Follow this example when posting:

Subject: [The claim you chose] Roads.

Status: [How many icons you have completed, and the batch number] 20/100 ; Batch #2

Themes: [The themes you already completed] 15/70

* And now, three samples of the icons and the cut (or fake cut) to all of them :)

You can post the icons in your journal or community and then posting here a link to them. (If it's friends only entry tell the people that).

* You should comment on the Hall of Fame post //here// and give us a link to the icon batch where are all the 100 icons.

* You'll be included in the "Hall of Fame", with your username and the claim you have finished.

* We'll make a banner for you, something like "XXX made 100 icons of XXX".

* And then, you'll be able to start another challenge!
.the themes.
1. alone26. happiness51. sea
2. afraid27. home52. sorrow
3. apart28. hope53. sunshine
4. beautiful29. ice / snow54. sweet
5. blue30. kiss55. stars
6. brightness31. love56. silence
7. beginning32. lost57. secrets
8. change33. lights58. textless
9. black & white34. living59. text
10. colourful35. music60. time
11. cropping36. magical61. twilight
12. dark37. mystery62. texture
13. desire38. memories63. unique
14. dreams39. mirror64. vintage
15. empty40. nature65. vibrant
16. emotional41. orange66. water
17. ending42. passion67. wild
18.eternity43. pain68. way
19. fate44. paradise69. yellow
20. fashion45. pink70. zoom
21. far away46. purple
22. fire47. rain
23 frame48. red
24. forgotten49. sadness
25. green50. sky

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